Hey guys, I am back with another collaboration with RedHeadCreativeStudio with my project “Style in Chicago” featuring the best of my personal style captured around the city of chicago. This time, I decided to incorprate another zurikgirl  item.

I am wearing Zurikgirl “Shakara Oloje” Skirt and I turned my over sized button Up shirt into an off shoulder top. If you follow me on my snapchat (@chichi_nneka)  you will understand my love  for reconstructing, tweeking and DIY(ing) all my clothes. This season, I am all about the obvious details like ruffles and layers,  a wrapped waist, a slashed cutout, or an asymmetrical hemline to liven up any look.

21 b&w3

We shot this look on the busy intersection of Broadway, a major street in Chicago’s Lake View, Uptown, and Edgewater community area. Random fact: The name of the street was changed to Broadway on August 15, 1913, my birthday is on August 16th. :).  Broadway is the only street in the city of Chicago that does not have a suffix. It is neither a Street, Avenue, Road, Boulevard nor Parkway; known simply as Broadway, how cool!


My shoes are Badgley Mischka, and My purse I purchased from Aldo last summer.






Chicago never gave us the summer we wanted so we planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico to enjoy the sun. Although cancun is a very popular destination for Spring Breakers, there are plenty of great reasons to visit Cancun at any time of the year.  It was perfect timimng to celebrate my friends birthday plus go on vacation since we couldnt during 4th of july weekend our usual summer vaca period.

IMG_4993IMG_4987 IMG_4986

We stayed at Ocean Turquesa Cancun Resort and the area around and away from the main resort is bursting with historical interest including many sites of other resorts.

Ocean-Coral-and-Turquesa IMG_4971 junior-suite-ocean-view IMG_4977IMG_4961IMG_4979

As a tropical destination, of course I expected temperatures to soar above 90 degrees, and for the most part it was way hotter than I thought. Cancun is definitely a place for swimsuits, topping up your tan, relaxing on the beach cocktail in hand, or simply chilling by the pool.

IMG_4706IMG_4762 IMG_4766 IMG_4797 IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4847 IMG_4851 IMG_4860 IMG_4857 IMG_4865

Got alot of questions about my hair and swimsuits. our color splash swimsuit is from an independent UK store Stay-Sick you can check them out here For my hair suprisingly it is not Virgin like I ususally do; sometimes I dabble into that syntheic and human fiber blend hair especially when I only plan on keeping it for 2 weeks. My hair is Outre Batik Duo Premium Multi Blend Weave Caribbean Bundle Hair 5Pcs, I bought 2 packs and in toatal it cost me only $38. I found it at my local beauty supply but you can buy it here. My hair is in the color 27 and color 30, the lighter shade ontop. I was able to swim in this hair and also co-wash the hair.

IMG_4604 IMG_4648 IMG_4611 IMG_4629 IMG_4657 IMG_4675 IMG_4680IMG_4999IMG_4998

On Saturday we also got the opportunity to experience thee genuine Mexican market, it was a bit overwhelming, becauce everyone wanted to stop us an take pictuers, I guess we looked very American. Me being the tourist I wanted to take pictuers of them. I enjoyed the market trip alot, got to try more local fruit and had one of the best beef tacos ever.

The plan was for me to drive!
I thought it would be like driving a car, I even planned on snapchatting while driving
little did I know it was harder than I thought
After swerving into the main road and crashing into the bush over 10 times. I was told I had to be driven or GIVE UP!! lol….

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We participated in diffrent type of Zip- lining. the Best experience was zipling into the river!! for a girl who cant swim I was brave enough to do it.


IMG_4989 IMG_4895 IMG_4940

So far the best part about Mexico to me were the fruits!!!!! I have never tasted anything as fresh or sweet like I did in Mexico. I also fell in love with Dragon friut, Lychee, and Guava. They even had sweet paw paw!!!

IMG_4947 IMG_4948 IMG_4951 IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4954

Overall we spent four days in Cancun and I only remembered  my digital camera on day 3.  Sadly this blog does not cover the whole of my trip but it is good enough for my memory bank and to share with my readers.  In other news!!!!! Guess who has a birthday coming up???? ME!! ME!!! turning the big 25  … 23. You can follow me on snap at chichi_nneka and IG at chichi_nneka for Instant Update on all my paroles.

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