25 things before I turn 25

IMG_3501So I guess I can say I am at that weird midpoint between calling myself a soon to be MBA graduate and a proper grown up, it’s time to pull myself together and make sure I am well prepared for the big 25. It feels like I just turned 24 yesterday, and honestly I do have a good 5 months plus before my 25th birthday. This is me just preparing, reevaluating, and reassessing with a list of 25 things I need to get on board with and make it a habit.

  1. Start saving: at the top of my 2015 long term goal. I am kinda sorta right on track , Ijust hope I keep it up. Personal saving just keeps me at peace, even though I have plenty of big sisters and loving parents to rely on its always good to build that habit of saving.
  2. Travel: and I don’t mean locally, that’s easy to do. There’s nothing like experiencing a different way of life firsthand. I love traveling with the right people also, I swear it makes a difference in the experience. So far I have Mexico, Paris and Ghana listed in my places to visit before I turn 25/before 2015 is over.
  3. Enjoy my friendship : Yes I am learning to save my free weekends for my real friends. Not every “lets meet up” will be taken seriously. My four categories: I have a definite number of my inner circle friends, Family friends, social media friends and friends by associates.
  4. Budgeting: Honestly budgeting has been my best friend since I started Zurikgirl, nothing happens without a written budget (thanks to Manager Ajie) but it’s so hard for me to budget my personal life. I have to get serious with it apparently people who make a plan for their money end up winning with money. *Two snaps*
  5. Exercise: You all do not understand how much I eat, I am always the one at the table with no doggy bag, I crave for cupcakes and pastries every other day and bread is one of my weakness. With all that being said my body is not 18 anymore, now I have to start making a conscious effort on eating right and working out.
  6. Just do it: like Nike just do it : if your heart want it, don’t fight it, don’t force it. The Italians have a great word; “Asolare“. It means spending time in a meaningless but delightful way.
  7. Eat Exotic Food: for a girl that loves food I am supper picky with what goes into my mouth -__-
  8. Learn to Say No: “Learning to say “no” is an important skill and one that can dramatically increase the quality of our lives. “
  9. Learn to Be Alone: honestly I have always been the girl in long term relationships; I can’t help it, but I also understand the quality of being alone, loving yourself and learning to enjoy your own company. Keeping a good balance is all it takes.
  10. More Wine: I am not a drinker; I don’t drink hard liquor even during occasions, I don’t because I don’t like the taste and not because I feel like I am better than those who drink. But as of late I got introduced to sweet white wine and I am taking baby steps towards ordering wine when I go out. Less juice more wine
  11. Read a romance novel:  I can’t bring myself to read a romantic novel it doesn’t interest me. I dont believe in fairytales but i believe in LOVE. My sisters love romance novel, I am sure they will help me in this area!!. I can’t wait to say I finally read my first romance novel.
  12. Vegas: Don’t ask me how I’ve always missed a Vegas trip!!! On three occasions I can remember, for some reason I never get to join on a trip to vegas, and the most recent one is about to happen. Poor me!!!
  13. Mentor or volunteer: For as long as I’ve known my best friend (mimi) she has always had a mentee or been involved in a program where she lends her time for a good cause.  I aspire to be like her, I just need to find the time, and place.There are lots of people who didn’t have it as good as I did.
  14. Read the paper: one day I will go to the coffee shop, order my latte, sit down and pick up a newspaper and actually read it. We live in a world where we get all our news from apps, blogs, and fcbk.
  15. Less Linda Ikeja: I am an addict!!! I love Linda, she inspires me and it doesn’t help that her blog is very entertaining and always up to date.
  16. Lie in bed all day with the one you love: being still together, just being there with no other plans but to enjoy each other.
  17. Appreciate my parents often: I am grateful to my parents for everything they’ve done for me. They’ve devoted the best and the most productive years of their life to bring up a happy person. Everything I am is because of them and God. I promise to love and take care of my parents now and in the future.
  18. Prayers: More prayers because they work. Pray in good times, in bad times more prayers at every moment.
  19. Jamaican club: One day I need to roll with joof or mimi and just rock out all night at a hot Jamaican night club. Let me just whine all night with a hot or not so hot Jamaican dude.
  20. Make a new Friend: I suck at making new friends and not at meeting new people
  21. Become a morning Person: because morning people stay winning and I have to be on the winning team
  22. Quality over quantity: I need to practice this in every aspect of my life from as high as career decisions to as low as picking out a meal on the menu.
  23. Speak Igbo: a start will be replying my mom back in igbo as to that Is all she speaks to us. I honestly wish I learned how to speak igbo fluently.
  24. Be Happy: One word: contentment.
  25. Gratitude: Everyone wants to feel appreciated. It means showing respect and understanding. Life is better with gratitude and Business thrives on appreciation.

P.S: When I started my blog two years ago, My first blog post was “10 facts about me” .  For a change in blogging sake I created an anonymous platform for my readers, friends, facebook friends and such…. I will be doing my 37th post and first vlog on “ask chichi 25 question” so feel free to ask me anything you would like to know here 


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