Early this week I did a quick shoot with chuck Star photograper. The shoot was for SLV a Chicago Nigerian singer. He has a new single coming out and he wanted me to be the single cover art . The title of the song is called “AMAKA” translation in english means BEAUTIFUL.  I am actually feeling the song, sounds like the perfect love song to listen to right now.  When my sister told me about the offer, I felt mushy because I am not a model lol but who doesnt love a good photoshoot. I was told to depict the look of an African igbo princess and ofcourse I had to be sexy with it.

the igbo language Amaka means beautiful in English


I just love the braided strap i did on my triangle crop top



Everytime bae says “stop being perfect’ – True Story 🙂
Image-12 (1)
My outfit was made by me, literally the night before the shoot


Image-7 (1)Image-8Image-16Image-17Image-15Image-14

The official Single Cover for the song



I will post the link to the song on my fcbk page when it is released.

KISSES & BOOBS ( . )( . )



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