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Untitled“I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!” ~Theodore Roosevelt

As you all may know I am currently doing the whole “work hard and pursue your dream” thing. A year ago when I first launched ZurikGirl  I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had no experience in Retail or maintaining an online clothing store , plus I didn’t exactly have the confidence to market and start running a business.  Might sound crazy, right? cause most people look at me from afar as this Well rounded outgoinging, bold and confident young lady; but in reality everyone have their fears and doubts and back then mine was about 60%  fear and 40% confidence. Glad to say even though my fear outweighed my confidence at that time I still went for it.

The support I’ve gotten from my friends, family and even strangers have been my fuel and drive. There have also been the doubters; since I started people have rejected, criticized, and  worse even  laughed at me…. oh just another IG boutique….. oh shes selling her own clothes….. oh everybody and anyone can open an online store….. People generally never understood what I was doing—what I was trying to do. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University December 2012 with a BA in Hospitality/Business Management,  May 1st 2013 I launched ZurikGirl. I know my vision for ZG,and how big it is. I know exactly what I want for ZG, but what people dont know is that you have to START, and DO to get there.  It is more than just a website to me, not a day goes by without me thinking or doing something ZG related. There have been more downs than ups and more struggles than fun. I’ve cried over ZG so many times, cried over things not going my way or happening for me but still I DO!

‘Whats there to do”

I happily work full time for ZG on a daily basis I have to creative deliverables, Initiate pricing comparisons and budget parameters for new creative initiatives,constantly seek out efficiencies and improvements in day-to-day workflow, prepare advertising strategies such as lookbook, banners, and flyers, Style and coordinate new inventory photo shoot, create extensive research methods to increase sale, Manage website and Social Media Platforms, Ship out packages and so much more in between.

“What is she feeling like …oh she thinks she’s a designer now”

NO! NO! I do not think I am a designer now, if anything I am a seamstress first, because most of the time I don’t sketch out my ideas out before sewing it, I just sew them. Even though you do not have to go to school to be creative I do not want to be confused as a “designer” you can keep that title, I do not care for that title, I am already a QUEEN and a BUSINESS WOMAN thats enough and all the title I need lol.  I want everyone to look at ZG as a company, like the likes of ZARA, ALDO, FOREVER21…. Just to name a few. you won’t consider Aldo Bensadoun a designer would you?  When I started ZG I knew I wanted to sell as a retailer so I did that, registered my business, and got my IL business Authorization; as ZG picked up more ideas came along, I wanted to have my own label.  I got my sewing machine summer of 2011, after watching numerous youtube videos I randomly went to my mom and told her I could sew and I needed a sewing machine, surprisingly she took me serious I’m guessing because, she expected that from me I’ve always been the creative one in the family.  I didn’t fully make use of my machine till this summer after I took 4 months of sewing class and learned all the basic sewing techniques and also practised with youtube. I can tell you now it doesn’t take 4 months to learn how to sew it takes practice!! a whole lot of practise.  Me learning and being able to sew is just an addition for my success and future success, I am able to easily make my prototype, I can test out sample styles on myself before I do a wholesale production, I can alter my clothes or even add to it.  So….. should I be sorry that I can sew?? should I be sorry that I love being creative?? I THINK NOT!!


Like I said having my own label, as you can go to a ZARA store and pick up an item  made and labeled ZARA. that is my 3-5 year goal plan. ZURIK by zurikgirl happened because of my drive and hard work of my manager Ajie (Ira management).

unnamed (1)unnamed


Sponsored from personal money and profit from one year of ZG sales, I took it upon myself  to test out the waters before I dive into making the real deal happen. I wanted to see what it takes to find production, materials, marketing and promotions all that good stuff that comes with it. ZURIK by ZurikGirl was done on a very small scale sadly some of my sketches didn’t make the cut because of so many reasons.

3 of 8 That never made it. first I sketched on a free iPhone app. #ZURIKbyZurikgirl
4 0f 8 that never made it
Then pencil and color sketch
Took this pic as plain as possible No makeup no high heels just to show the dress.
photo 1
It wasn’t exact what I wanted, and my end goal was to PROFIT or breakeven.
Actual color is a salmon Pink color.

photo 2Overall for the few that did make it to ZURIK by zurikgirl, the response from customers was good,  as to how our  ZG SIP & SHOP event came about. I am thankful for the  friends and strangers (now customers) that actually came out and shopped.  I will say this one time  as a small business its better to have “SOLD OUT”  than to have unsold inventories stocked up trust me. I usually hate when I go to online stores and I see SOLD OUT but I got a sense of happiness and  joy putting that on some of ZURIK by ZurikGirl items.


I don’t plan on STOPPING anytime soon, according to chichi and my ZG Timeline its going to be a ZG YEAR!..over! and over! again! AMEN!!!! OYA say AMEN!!! AAMEN!!! :).  My short term goal is to build a larger customer base, converting single customers into multiple customers, Increase visible exposure, I need people to see ZurikGirl and think Fashion; brand recognition is powerful and we live in a visual world, I need to capitalize on visual exposure at every possible opportunity. I live in Chicago one of the biggest city in America. Everything I have been doing I need to Triple on it!! I need to get out there and expose ZurikGirl to the world, fashion trade fare, fashion expos, fashion events, fashion shows, vendor shows, there is no time to relax.  My long term goal is to power ZG as a brand, starting now to look for the right investors and partnership that believe in me and what I have to offer.


At the end of the day I am happy with how far I’ve come but I can’t get comfortable, I have  more work to do. Whether people believe in me or support me enough I will keep pushing. Its not about starting a clothing store or business anymore because honestly we see a new store pop up on IG daily! its the matter of who will survive, who will come out on top!!  My love for ZG is one of the most important things in my life right now….. and it feels good to know that all I have to do is Pray, work hard and follow my heart.

unnamed (2)
Since everybody loved it! its coming! You can Pre-Order Now at or wait to purchase on 08-08-14


in the words of the Lovely lady JOOF  *kisses & boobs*

XX ( . ) ( . )





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