6 ways I would Improve Tiwa Savage’s New Video

6 ways I would Improve Tiwa Savage’s New Video

Apparently everyone wants to crucify Tiwa Savage for releasing a SEXY video, well leave it up to Nigerian twitter to crack all the jokes. I keep seeing RTs and comparisons to Beyonce, I would just like to say that, the video was no way sexy, she tried though I mean I give her a C for effort but the overall package was a D+, and the plus is for me watching it till the end so at least it wasn’t that horrible. After watching the video I came up with my own 6 ways to improve Tiwa’s video I mean these are simple little things that really would have made a difference. P.S. I am a Fan.

1. Most Importantly BACK UP DANCERS would have made a major difference. We would focus less on her and notice the professional dancers.

2. That jumpsuit was dead wrong, it was the wrong sheer, and just ill fitting. When I think of sexy I instantly think of white, soft, something easy on the eyes.

3. The shoulder length hair was a big fail. Everyone knows BIG hair seals the deal, the hair flip stands out, the wind effect will show better …. like that was an easy solution long, wavy oozes sexy.

4. The Shoes!! 5 inches and up increases your sexy appeal!! just because beyonce performs in low dance heels doesn’t mean she will do the same in her video. The higher the heels the more arch in your back.

5. Less raunchy dance moves and More sensual moves! I wanted to see more slow motion stills in the video.

6. EDITING, AIR BRUSHING and RED LIPSTICk. (They didn’t have to use every scene, her face wasn’t airbrushed enough, lastly when in doubt red lips is always the sexiest on any skin-tone.


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