ZGaniversarry ZG First Birthday

Today we celebrate our very first ZG birthday (Anniversary) and I am still not quite sure I can believe it’s here already, in a funny way it feels like only yesterday that Myself and my sisters were sitting, all gathered in my room gisting and just dropping out plans, goals, ideas, dreams…..
One year later, ZurikGirl  have been doing outstanding for a start-up business, I mean it’s been an incredible feeling!! Progression is our biggest motivation!! Everyday it gets better and everyday We want better for ZG. We have been working hard, some of which you can see through the quality clothes and consistency we provide, some we can’t tell you about, many you’ll be seeing very soon.  This summer is going to be a breakthrough of greatness, a stepping stone to bigger and better things. 
ZG Collage
From me (chichi)personally, this seems like an appropriate moment to say a huge thank you to our incredible ZGAdmin, (ajie attiawa, Brittney Livingston and Aminvat vixama) our wonderful ZG customers, My lovely ZG sisters especially ADANNA, she was and is the start and head of ZURIKGIRL, without her push and guidance I wont be here.  Also a big Thank you to the huge loving local and international community for your continued love and support. 
Yes We’ve got some exciting announcements and collaborations  planned for year two and I can’t wait to share them with everyone and anyone willing to support us.
Zurikgirl is relentless!! The possibilities are endless!! 
Mean While Enjoy 50% OFF ON SELECT ITEMS!! at zurikgirl.com

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