My Summer blog is currently turning into a weekly blog maybe, maybe not.  Well I spent my Labor Day weekend in NYC (Friday- Monday), and it was FUNNNNNNNNN. I got to handle Business and meet some great team members of the Rise Africa Family. for thoese that don’t  know Rise Africa is a social entrepreneurship Powered by young adults for young adults. is a central online location where individuals can gather to discuss African current events, educate one another, and encourage progressive thinking and action. Our main goal is to use communication as a tool to bring together young Africans scattered throughout the nations.

I also had time to Party with my Pageant Sister Isha. I kid you not!!! never a dull moment with that girl. I met Isha when I did the Miss Africa USA pageant back in 2011 and from the first day we met! we just clicked. I love traveling with Isha I swear we are almost the same person, I have traveled to a couple of places with Isha in the past, we  went to Atlanta and Nashville together and Yes!!!! both epic trips. Sometimes I even think she is Nigerian but shes not, she is actually from Sierra Leone my Salone titi I call her lol. SO of course when I told Isha hey Lets go to NYC she was down. Of course I brought my Canon Digital Camera for no reason cause I didn’t pull it out once *sigh* I  made use of  my iphone5 instead.

We Stayed at the Paramount Hotel Times Square in Manhattan. Very nice and sultry. Didn’t expect our room to be as small after paying so much, but I guess what we paid for was for the view and ambiance.

Got there Friday morning. Rested and started our day with Drinks at Haven Rooftop.

Tourist behavior

Myself and Isha

Friday Night–  Enjoyed the NYC night life with Party promoter and Event planner “pboyz” Ray

Excuse this pic this was befor making a video for Yewande.

So we started a lil photo shoot lol some one squat me pls!

So partied out! We went to all the Good spots. No lines, no door fee, no standing. Just straight flexing!!! Hahahaha

Ended our Friday night at a Breafast Spot. Have you ever had a lobster omelet? Lol Leave it to me to incorporate seafood in any meal.


Started our day at RiseAfrica meet for Brunch at the Harlem Maison Resturant.

Saturday ended with a nice walk and Ice Cream through Central Park.

Saturday night

Decide to party Nigerian Style only.

Went to the NEA pre party it was good.
Met some cool people.

What I wore

Dress: misguided
Shoes: forever21

Nollywood actor Ramsey

I watched his movies growing up.
My entire Sunday day time 
Spent it with Rise Africa.
We had our official meet with our readers and friends based in NYC at Times Square Daves and busters.
It was a success 
I Spent Sunday night partying, from manhathan to harlem then back to manhattan with Ray and his Friends. I tell you I was drained!!!!
As soon as I got on the plane Monday morning I was K.O

My whole purpose of going to NYC was for RIseAfrica. To view some of the activities we accomplished just click the links below


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