The Wrap Up

This past week was…. Hmmm well I don’t think I have words to describe it, it was a lot going on and so little time. For the most part I was running on little to No sleep. So much had to be done between friday through sunday; from photo shoots, ZG errands, Rise Africa meetings and plus my sis Bridal shower and preparations. whehw!!!! it was all just overwhelming at some point but the End result was Amazing.

Friday myself and my sister had a little skit do for a friend at the city.  It was for his new song which I personally think is pretty rad and catchy. The whole concept was us acting boujiee while the guys are trying to get our attention, lol (typical nigerian scene) it was pretty funny. The keyword for the skit was “it’s not for oloshi”. *Self explanatory*. Later that night we headed out to The usual Nigerian Party powered by La’frique Entertainment and Dj diseal. I had a good “me” time just dancing and enjoying the music. We met up with a friend(Kenny) and partied some more at wrigley field.
Skit look

My look for the Skit was simple.

Shoes: Target

Kept the same face look for the night.

I just hated my shoes. Only wore them because they are very comfortable and perfect for dancing.
Saturday I had a Zurikgirl Photoshoot for New items and Banners. It was really hard getting up after a night of partying but it had to be done. Here are some pics I took on my phone.

All three dresses are on sale at plus Free Shipping on all orders.

model: FaytheMissick
Photographer: DailyNewness
After the shoot I went out for sushi with the ladies.
And of course we ended Saturday night with a bang!! Party!!! Party!!!


Dress: celeb boutique

Shoes: peep toes (Aldo)

Always a good time with them krack and Ken.

Sunday: My big sister celebrated her bridal shower at the Villa D’Cita boutique Mansion. It was very beautiful and well organized. The theme for the evening was flowers and more flowers. All the guest arrived in pretty floral dresses, the atmosphere was just peaceful, fun and all round happy. It was quiet a sight to see.

The lovely bride.

Small chops.

Even the disposable napkin was detailed.

What I wore.

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Zara
My next post will be coming soon by the end of this week. Professional  pics from both the zurikgirl photo shoot and my sisters Bridal Shower.
Guess who has a birthday coming up????? ME!!!!! August 16th baby!
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