Start of August

My Favorite Month!!

Random pics and activities from my weekend. All taken from my iPhone 5.

Ebuka my boo boo visited my city for a whole week. Last time I saw him was when he visited in lagos last December. Sucks he is going back to Abuja (Nigeria) tomorrow.

Lagos, December 2012.  Hmmmm the drama that happened before we took this picture!! Lol just know This boy ^ is crazy!



The story behind this pic. Lmfao if I speak on it Sule won’t be happy sooooo *lips sealed*

Random: I’m beginning to see the beauty all around me!!! Like honestly I go through an “awwwwww ” moment so often I love it. Life is really what you make of it, and the people you surround yourself with.

My mother! After church!

Myself After church.

Still rocking my natural permed hair. By Tuesday my extensions should be installed. (I’m just being lazy) and  besides my baby daddy  said he likes my hair up! and natural. 

Fav breakfast place to go to after church with the fam.






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