You know how when it’s Friday at work, all you do is just wait for 5:00pm. Anxiously waiting!!!!! thinking of ways to keep pretending to be at work till its time to get off, well that was me today. Only to find out that my mom had her own plans for me. To sum it up my Friday turn up was turned down, I was stuck in the kitchen cooking Egusi, Okoro and vegetable soup. Yes three different soup at the same damn time.

Summer is finally coming to a wrap, I am soooooooooo sad!!! and this is me not being DRAMATIC. Summer is over now its time to buckle down, basically focus on Work, My ZG enhancement class and getting my masters program together for 2014 (le sigh). To add to my misery my sister heads back to Antigua for med school in like 16 days matter of fact right after my birthday *starts crying*

*wipe tears off* Well on a happy note*Big Smile* my Birthday is coming up!!!!!! (August 16th). I will be celebrating as usual, I’m not those kind of people that always think “oh its not a spectacular age like 21 or 25 I don’t have to celebrate”. *stretches hand* boy stop!!! best believe I will celebrate this great life I have lived, all the struggle, the mishaps, the journey, the success, the joy, ah ah  I have to celebrate at all times and thank GOD. Any age is celebrate-ful (is that a word). P.S I’m turning 23.

I am also excited for my upcoming trips. NYC in august and Nigeria in December. Christmas in Lagos is madddddddd!! I’m sorry but if you haven’t experienced a Lagos party/club  in December you haven’t partied.

Day party nigeria December 2012
This year its going to be more extreme!!! my sister’s wedding will be in Lagos = TURN UP on a 100. lmbo. hash-tag  on every social media will be #adaden2013 starting December 1st.


Le sigh beautiful couple!
I am currently at home, in the sun room blowing some chocolate raspberry flavored hookah and gisting with my sisters. After eating Garri and okoro soup not much you can do but chill.

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