Well how was your weekend??? Mine was good… hmmm maybe great!!. Lol my very good friend MIMI finally found some time to hang with me!!! (Due to juggling her masters program, working part time and being a mentor). When I say I don’t have that many friends! I really don’t so when I do acquire a good friend I appreciate their time and presence. We had our whole weekend planned around us. Friday was dinner and later club, Saturday, was brunch, mini spa date, and attend a mutual friend’s beach birthday.  Took some flicks to go with a few of our rendezvous.

scandals that go with almost everything keeper!. My Dress is From ASOS purchased a long time ago like 2011/2012.

My house girl hairstyle, but it is perfect for this almost 100 degree Chicago weather. Very Easy breezy!

Ever since Lagos December 2012 I have been stuck! Tobi introduced me to my obsession portable hookah sticks! Logicians been puffing it befor Americans sef.



My Zoe! Mimi of life


Ended Friday nite with elevator flicks and food from Chicago’s best “Maxwell”

Saturday heading to brunch

Saturday felt so long!!! Accomplished alot!



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