So I get a text from Ade:…” How’s your blogging going” ME: oh shit I forgot I had a blog!. Yes I literally forgot I had a blog to keep updated. Feels good my friends are trying to check in on my summer paroles though even my friends in nigeria lol. Well I can’t even remember the last time I blogged anything personal. Quick Recap on what’s been going on. I launched an online clothing Store (zurikgirl) last weekend it was a success. Visit for coverage pics if interested, and shop ladies.   Focusing on my short term goals and building my long term goal plan is what i have been working aside from working my day job and enjoying my summer. By the time I am 25 I want to look back and say WOW!!!!!(Amen).  

This Weekend was filled with a few disappointments and BBQs, I won’t rant about my downs but things do happen and I haven’t learned from it. For the fun part of my weekend, Saturday I went to a rooftop BBQ downtown Chicago, it was nice and chilled, saw a few familiar faces, smoked hookah, ate good food and enjoyed the view. 

I love flower print and flare dresses makes me feel like a super lady. 
Sister of life AKA BFF of life 

 Sis of life … Wande of life 

Yes I have been rocking my natural hair going on two weeks now. 
The Weekend Ended great with church on Sunday in the morning and another    BBQ hosted by DJ Diesel. It was good, nice and chill relaxed Atmosphere, it was more Igbo people than I expected which was nice to see lol. Great music, good food mixed with watching the BET awards. 
#IJustMobileBlogged #ThatWasFast


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