“Don’t be a Big fool ladies”

Don’t feel bad, even Halle Berry got cheated on. I love that we live in a world where pointing to a celebrity’s misfortune helps people feel less shitty about their own situations. Beauty, money, fame, none of that shallow shit guarantees loyalty, that’s true, but statements like that are self-defeating. It’s like you’re giving men a free pass by using the excuse, “I’m not as good as her, so of course it’s going to happen to me”. Accepting it as unstoppable is never the answer. Try telling the Bodega owner he should cheer up because Citibank gets robbed too, and he’s liable to spit in your face. Who cares what happened to someone else, the how come’s of your situation are unique to you, and 10 out of 10 cheaters have different excuses as to why they did it, so stop finding comfort in being a member of the club. Cheating is a compulsion that is so varied that you could fill a phone book with all the reasons why people do it and still not understand.

 You can’t win against a hoe because she’s not after the same prize as you. She’s not searching for wedding bands and picket fences, shorty’s aim is Red Bottoms and waking up in a new Bugatti. Ladies prefer to submit and cater to their man, hoes prefer to exploit and get catered to by your man. Know the difference between the side hoe and the slide hoe. The side hoe wants what you have. The slide hoe comes through, has fun, gets what she wants out the Ni$$a then sends him back to you to mother him. #coldworld.

Single women and those in a relationship all hate hoes, not because they get attention, but because the way they lower themselves in order to get it. you can never out hoe a hoe!! hahaha.

Is your man Hoe free?

 #8 plus 9 #Blackgirlsareeasy

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