*Deep sigh* the weekend never stay long. It seems like I always start my blog with reminiscing thoughts of my weekend lol. Well when you work 9 to 5 during the weekdays it gets boring and all you can do is look forward to the weekend, Back to the matter sha; Friday kicked off the start of my good weekend.  I had a Last Minute Double date I agreed to go to  but I cancelled on my  my Date Last minute to Party lol  *shrugs*.  Anyways!!!!! Very rare do you see all my sisters out at a party at the same damn time!!!! so I  had to indulge in all the fun. We had a great time, club hopped from dragonfly to transit, and even had time to stop at Maxwells for hot dogs!!at the end of the night.

outfit post. (What I wore Friday night)
 Girlie, Sexy, and Flirty, anything in that nature basically sums up my style.

Dress: Akira Print cutout dress

Shoes: Asos Hostage heel sandals

I saw this Runway look  from the MBFWA and I loved it, stalked it, found it, and bought it.

Thanks to Asos. very rad in white
My look.
P.S. I am addicted to Heroin Lipstick by mac 
On Saturday my morning started pretty early, then got delayed (long story).  
I will be executing my first act as a Bridesmaid and I am happy to say it is for my Sister’s wedding yay!!!!
Went to Brunch with a few other Bridesmaids at The White Place Diner on Rosselvelt 
The food was yummy!!!! I love diners, the food Taste’s Home made and comes in Big Portions!! 
The Bride caught taking a Selfie for the hubby  perhaps?? lol
Ye and Amie
With the Bride.
After brunch we headed to our first appointment at Bella Bride and Kasia’s Bridal
our goal was to find the Perfect Bridesmaid dress style that would flatter each bridesmaid.
Mean While the future Bride was admiring wedding Dresses
The Ring Kinda Sorta has to Match the Dress (how true is that?)
wedding myths.
It was Nice having the place to ourselves searching through Open Racks of samples

No pictures were allowed but I had to snap for my blog jor.
Happy to say at our Last appointment we found the Dress!!!!!!
Now lets hope when we go shopping for the Brides dress, she wont be a bridezilla.
After all that hard work of Bridesmaid dress shopping we ended our day with sweet treats from Signature Kitchen.

It was yummy
quick Snaps

The ladies
As usual on Sunday I went to church , then lunch with the family at HIBACHI GRILL. Quenched my daily seafood thirst :0) 

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