Better Late than Never.. Late Write Up on my weekend but anyways….

June Finally arrived and Chicago is still giving us 60 degree weather!!!!!! what kind of rubbish is that. I cant get in tune with such weather in a whole June!!! a whole freaking June!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!…

Last week/weekend was just regular ole fun with the regular ole peeps. 
Saturday had a photo shoot with Zurik Girl Online Clothing Store.
It was very fun and productive. 
A lot happened that I didn’t capture or can remember ugh!.  Saw the movie “Now You See Me” and I must say it is a great movie, it was a last minute choice we made and to our surprise it was worth it. I almost think I believe in MAGIC !!!!!!. everything about it was beautiful.
In sad new, idk how I managed to break my laptop and iPhone all UNDER  two days.  sad!! sad! sad!
my Laptop is currently at the shop and my iphone is giving me blisters from sliding and touching a broken screen. Getting a new phone is in the works ose!
Rough draft/behind the scene  pics I took with my cam during the first half of the shoot. 
Yewande at work. Model: AkosTheBody
Model: AmieKrackHouse
MODEL: AkosTheBody 
MODEL: AmieKrackhouse
MUA: YP Designs (Yewande Peters)
Enjoy the Random video I took on my ipad! afterwards. I need to use my Nikon more instead.

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