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SPARTANConfident women who refuse to let others stand in the way of what they want. Spartans are fearless in their pursuit of success; they wait for no man, and apologize to no woman. 

BASICAA Baisc Bitch who follows the lead of others and holds on to old-fashion ideals of how a woman should act as dictated by past generations. Basicas conform to a style of behavior and dress that society tells them is right without regard for individuality

HOESA subculture of people who prostitute themselves for various superficial things such as money, affection, or popularity. 

How do I Spartan up if I’m shy? Simple. Stop being so fucking shy. It’s okay to have an introverted personality and be a quiet person, but you have to be able to flip the switch when necessary. The biggest roadblock for women looking for a legitimate relationship is the inability to speak up. You’re afraid to speak first, you’re afraid to ask to be taken on a real date, you’re afraid to call him after the first time you have sex, and worst of all you are afraid to tell him that you don’t just want to be his fuck buddy anymore. Way too many ladies are scared to communicate to the person who matters most, so they front like they’re content with these half-ass relationships. Females tell their girlfriends how they feel and all the things she wishes he would do… But when he’s right there face to face, it’s cricket season. 

If you give everything to a man under the cover of not wanting anything serious, he’s going to take your word for it, milk you dry, and then move on to a woman who actually knows her value. Get what you want, not what he’s willing to give. Stop assuming that to know you is to love you because someone else may not think you’re as bomb as you say you are. There is no backdoor into a relationship, so go through the front by laying your expectations out there the moment you start to like him. I’m not looking to jump into a relationship, but I’m open to one. That’s authentic. I want all of you to walk into a bank and ask for a handshake loan because you’re not comfortable with the paperwork, then take note as they look at you like you’re the dumbest person on earth. That’s the same look you should give to these fools who tell you they want you all to themselves, but not officially.

I can say every girl has made this mistake before but if this is you in all your relationship think twice before you go Head over heels over a “le boo’ that have other “le boos” Unofficial girlfriends take note Spartan up bechiis!! BEFOR YOU START DOING 5 AND 6

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