The joy of Long Weekends!!!! grateful and thankful for them. Started with clubbing Friday and ended with Monday BBQn. Inbetween all of that, On Saturday I went to dinner and Movies with the ladies, (jollof rice/assorted meat) yum!: we saw HANGOVER III which was…. *pause* hmmmm OK, it had some funny parts to it but I just feel like the best Hangover movie was the first one, I mean its always like that with part 2 and part 3 movies lol. Sunday was another Fun day went to Brunch at the Big Apple with the whole Family (the usual).  later on that Night we all went to Joofs Party which was a Blast!!!!!!! Mini EIU reuion, familiar faces, great Dj, good food, all that good stuff. On Monday the Official Memorial day we did exactly what was expected Went to a BBQ, chilled, ate some good home cooked meal, smoked sihsha, and met some funny cool peeps; like a Ghanaian that can not do the azonto.. lol my NIGERIAN ass even tried to teach him. Overall it was a great long Weekend, I wish I can show you guys my sad face as I write this at work 😦 cant wait for the weekend again; I Have allot planned both fun and work.

Pictures From Monday

Shirt Dress:



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