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Friday may 24th was definitely a good GREAT Night.  Celebrated the return of KRACKHOUSE dun!! dun!! dun!!….at club Koncrete.  If you do not know who Krack is please visit http://www.geturlife.com Thats all.  We partied like it was 99!!!  The fact that we couldn’t stick to our plan on party hopping from Shrine to Koncrete was just pathetic lol . So the plan was to spend and hr at Segun’s place drink, puff some shisha and watch the Game on.  Anyways ended up spending most of our night at seguns so we only went to Koncrete and guess what WE SHUT IT DOWN!!

post on what I wore.

Everyone Kept asking if  it was a ZG dress… le sigh!

Dress: Saffie Orange Dress from Virgoslounge
Shoes:Black pointy BCBG Shoes
Lipstick: Mac Heroine

Th Model in virgosLounge
Still Learning how to use my canon oh NIKON camera
What I really Like about the Dress was the Gold Sequin Detail in the Bust Area. Covered the necessary area just Perfectly.

I Still Love My iPhone pics 


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