15 facts 

1. I am very very clumsy! I literally can trip over my own leg like it makes no sense. 

2.  I love love love Bollywood ( Indian movies) I am just fascinated and in love with how they love so strong, dance, sing all that jazz . puls I love reading subtitles
3. Born  in nigeria. 22yr old. Pageant Queen. 2012 Uni Graduate. Business (Hospitality/business Management) FAv color green.  (Stale facts) 
4.  I really have no celebrity male crush.. Like I just can’t obsess over  a man  when thousands of other girls are  obsessing over the same person ! I like my own!!!
5. I am such a homemaker I enjoy doing handy stuff.  cook, bake, braid, sew, clean…. housewife perhaps lol 
6. I have three older sisters and  one brother people seem to forget that! 
7.  I love dancing! In my mirror and for everybody else that wants to watch…. just figured I was to tall and lazy to take it to the next level or professional lol 
8.  I strongly  believe that one person can make a difference, especially  for my Africa ; that is exactly why I am a full advocate for AfricaIsDoneSuffering (RiseAfrica)
9. I am only outspoken when needed. My personality can go from 1 very quiet to 10 very loud!! 
10.  I still  very much write in my diary! And I think I will turn it into a video diary on my iPad! (Bey style) How safe is that? 
11. You know the one child that gets in all the trouble??.. Yes!  that was me 3/4yrs ago. Every summer every school year!! It was something.  I have Changed my AKATA ways now. 
12.  I am a very down to Earth type of Girl. But no one ever thinks that when they first meet me or see me. 
13.  As tough as I might look I am a big cry baby. I cry over the littlest situation. 
14. I might not tweet and post so much about my Christianity! But I am a full time God fearing believer. 
15. I can be Heartless 
                                   THE END 


2 thoughts on “CHI-CHI PENPERENPE ➖

  1. Suspected green was your favorite color awhile back. Doesn't one of your sisters go by Chi chi green? Is that a family, or is that you?

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